e-Show Madrid 2016: Presentation of ZEUS Smart Visual Data Solution

On the 21st and 22nd September, the e-show fair 2016, the international event for professionals in the digital business world took place in Madrid.The 7th edition of the event has brought together numerous companies and experts from both e – commerce and digital marketing.

Innova Advanced Consulting could not pass up the opportunity to go, so the management team was present to kick off the new analytical solution and data management: Smart Visual Data. As a result from the joint efforts of Innova Advanced Consulitng and Zeus Vision, the revolutionary visual data smart solution has been warmly received by the visitors that have been able to approach the stand. All of them have checked the Zeus experience and its benefits for making business decisions, among these benefits the following stand up:

  • Dashboards based on your company’s KPIs
  • Adaptation of the panels to any device
  • Segmenting information to show to each department of the company the information related to each area.
  • Data privacy with personal account option for each worker
  • Speeds up the decision making and accelerates responsiveness
  • Greater involvement and motivation of workers
  • Better department control

After the success in the Madrid e-show 2016, Zeus starts its journey to become the ultimate solution for analysis and data presentation, advocating for viewing in real time, and improving decision making and responsiveness of the companies in today’s competitive environment.

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