The renewed annual event Microsoft Envision 2016 (previously known as Microsoft Convergence), will be celebrated from the 4th to the 6th of April in the city of New Orleans, Los Angeles. Microsoft Envision will be mainly addressed to the CEO’s, CTO’s and corporate management teams. Its objective is to inform the target audience of the advantages and opportunities that Microsoft offers in order to improve its corporate activities. Along with a serie of presentations given by the Microsoft experts, the event aims to offer relevant information directed towards the main sectors, together with stimulating the creation of business through networking sessions. The Microsoft event Envision will host professionals from all over the world. Due to this, it will be highly beneficial for enlarging the number of contacts and generating business activity.
The commercial team of Innova Advanced Consulting will fly to the United States to take part to one of the most awaited Microsoft events. Regarding the internationalisation strategy, Microsoft Envision will serve as a starting point for Innova Advanced Consulting’ expansion towards the North American market.
If you require further information about the event, visit the following webpage:

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