Business Central Telemetry

4 x 2h Workshop

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Telemetry gives partners and customers direct insight in how their products and deployments are used. Are users encountering errors? Are features being used? Are your connectors performing?

Telemetry can give you the answers for your product strategy, implementation, development and customer success teams!

In 4 x 2 hr workshops we will work together to build a telemetry strategy for your business. In 4 sessions spread over 4 weeks we will discuss the business benefits of telemetry and create a plan to get you started and embed it in your solution and user experience.

Recommended Attendees per workshop


Deliverables and outcomes:

Consider the different possibilities of telemetry from a business strategy, product and customer success perspective.

Understand the business value and select the most important ones for your specific solutions.

Gain insight in the technical features.

Design your own telemetry roadmap;

Coaching on best practice, tips, and tricks.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Telemetry Workshop Series is a joint initiative between 3 prominent global Microsoft ISV Development Centers. Together with Cloud Ready Software and Ciellos, Innova Advanced Consulting is excited to bring this workshop series to the Microsoft Dynamics community and continue to increase the overall business value of your solution.

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