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Digitalization of the management of your trip's expenses

Captio by Ensure is the solution that optimizes and digitalizes the whole process of managing your enterprise’s expenses. These tasks may involve a huge investment in time and resources, especially in companies whose employees perform working days in itinerants quite often. Through the digitalization, this procedure is simplified while your society also saves money, counting with the warranty of the homologation from the AEAT and the Italian, French and Portuguese regulations.


Using this application and only with a photography of the receipt, Captio might automatically digitalize and classify the expense. Therefore, there is no need to keep any paper with you.

All the details of the expense are directly sent to the supervisor. Additionally, Captio allows the user to manage the refunds through payslips or SEPA files.

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Captio by Ensure advantages

Captio by Ensure characteristics

To use Captio you just have to take a photo of your receipt, it is as simple as that. The application will automatically read and classify all the information. Creating expenses reports is equally fluid, and you will be able to do it with a simple click.

Once the user has completed the registration process through the application, there is no need to keep the receipt. Since Captio is approved by the Spanish tax agency, registering this expense through the application is already valid, being unnecessary keeping all the physical documents.

To cover all the expenses notes’ needs, you can classify them by months, projects or specific trips. The team supervisor will receive all these notes to verify its suitability.

You can also manage the reimbursement of your expenses through the application, using the same method as you used to do in your previous company considering Captio can be integrated into a payslips system or any SEPA file.

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