Docuten eSign for Navision

Docuten eSign for Navision

Docuten Esign, requirements and configuration for Navision

Docuten eSign is the official solution by Docuten that will enable users from NAV2016, NAV2017 and NAV2018 to send PDF documents for their digital signature via Docuten well-known online platform.

As a user, you will be able to create PDF’s from any Navision report or use a document container with “Click to choose a file” functionality to attach documents to any system’s entity (such as customer, supplier or items) which will be later sent for their digital signature via Docuten online platform.

The solution is completely integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and it has AppSource’s certification, which guarantees that it accomplishes the strictest quality standards from Microsoft. Docuten eSign ensures the creation and storage of all your PDF documents from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With this solution, you will be able to create any system’s report in a PDF format, as well as to storage external PDF files connected to a given entity (clients, suppliers, among others). These PDF files will be sent to Docuten’s platform for its digital signature.

Requirements of Docuten eSign for Navision

Docuten eSign configuration for Navision

Para el correcto uso de la solución Docuten eSign desde Dynamics NAV , es necesario configurar el sistema. A continuación se detallan las distintas configuraciones.

Este es el contenido del paquete de instalación.
  • Fichero DocuteneSign.fob
  • Librería DocuteneSign.dll
  • Fichero
  • Documento de usuario
  • Claves de acceso al portal Innova Online y la plataforma Docuten
Se ha creado un rol Docuten eSign para poder asociarlo a los usuarios.
El área de trabajo de Docuten eSign tiene los accesos necesarios para trabajar con la solución.
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