Docuten, online platform

Docuten, online platform​

Docuten, online platform​

Docuten is an easy to use SaaS platform that promotes the digital transformation of the entire business cycle in any SME. Its main objective is to offer digital solutions that increase the productivity and generate a rapid and efficient workflow.

Through the solutions offered in the platform, your clients will be able to sign any type of document in a fast and simple way, from any device. The possibilities of the application are unlimited: new contracts, sales proposals, partner agreements, business contracts, among others.

If your company needs to send sales orders to customers to sign them or send a commercial contract to a third party, Docuten eSign is the ideal app.

Docuten eSign will help you to send and control the whole signature process as well as download the final PDF signed document. Docuten complies with the European Regulation (Nº910 / 2014) of Electronic Signature, eIDAS , as well as other international legislations.

Besides, Docuten is authorized to use all type of digital signatures included in elDAS regulation, including the OTP signature (One-Time Password), biometric signature, cloud-based digital signatures and qualified electronic signature.

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