iDynamics® Warehouse® for Microsoft Business Central or NAV

iDynamics® Warehouse® for Microsoft Business Central or NAV

Warehouse management optimization

iDynamics® Warehouse® is the solution that optimizes your warehouse management, reaching its fullest productivity. It allows the user to handle the receipt and issue of your products from clients, suppliers and other warehouses within the same organization. Besides, knowing the exact location of your products becomes really simple thanks to iDynamics® Warehouse®.

The warehouse operator places each product in its exact location, collecting it from the cross-docking area and accelerating this task thanks to the barcode scanner. Having the absolute control of your warehouse, the picking process becomes equally simple, the operator merely has to follow the device instructions that indicates the exact location of the material.

iDynamics® Warehouse® main advantage is its easy to use functionality. With a touch-screen phone and a barcode scanner, the warehouse operator can easily complete the process of registering and checking data. The barcode labels and its reading process are designed as EAN128 and may contain a batch number or a serial number if necessary.

This easiness is present in any stock recount or any movement related to the product. Thanks to the real-time enquiry, you can be familiar with the amount of a given product that should exist in your stock and even include new products that are already placed in your warehouse, being able to replace them if necessary.

iDynamics® Warehouse® advantages

iDynamics Warehouse characteristics

The application rationalizes the synchronization process in order to maintain the information updated and guarantee a proper performance. It downloads data both locally and globally.

You will not need a server iDynamics®, the terminals are connected straight to iDynamics®, hence the architecture, installation and maintenance are simplified.

Information can be easily introduced by the warehouse operator using the barcode scanner in any touch-screen device (Android or iPhone). Likewise, you can consult any information in a real time.

iDynamics® Warehouse gives you access to all the information at any time, even without signal or internet connection. It works offline, sending the information afterwards to Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV.

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