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Expense Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Expense Management is the definite solution to manage your travel expenses. Take a picture of your receipts with the Continia App and send the information directly to your NAV. Bank integration allows downloading your bank extracts  which will be introduced to your ERP easily. Besides, you can send reminders to your active users and control every expense. This are some the possibilities Expense Management offers to you.


Expense check from your browser  (as in Document Capture)

Bank integration in order to get bank notifications

Mobile app: take a picture of your receipt

Approval flow of expenses based on NAV


App for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android

Take a picture of your receipt with the mobile App and send it straight to your NAV.

Bank intergration

Expense Management downloads automatically bank movements linked to your receipts and delivers them to you NAV.

Control Portal

As Document Capture, Expense Management has a portal to be used to check every expense just from your browser