SEMINE, accounting AI

SEMINE, accounting AI

Full automation of accounting

SEMINE supports the use of AI for proper automated accounting management in continuous growth. By scanning an invoice, either in PDF or in a digital format, SEMINE can understand all the input, decoding and classifying all the information. Afterwards, it creates a new order to be sent for its approval and it is sent automatically to its addressee.

Thanks to its AI, every single invoice received by SEMINE improves its analysis and therefore, its understanding of the invoice’s content. SEMINE can complete advanced analysis of the content of any invoice suggesting suitable account codes, periodization, or cost categories, among others. Since there are several invoice templates, the accounting process is highly accelerated.

SEMINE advantages

SEMINE characteristics

Every invoice received by SEMINE increases its analysis and interpretation ability thanks to the learning and recognition pattern.

SEMINE analyzes all the lines of every item in your invoice and automatically suggests the correct accounting and its proper accrual of the amount on the invoice.

SEMINE can automatically assign the invoice to the right person in the enterprise for its first approval before proceeding with the invoice flow.

Real-time dashboard where you can check the information regarding the invoice summary, costs analysis, suppliers and account development, overview of projects and department, and status of the invoices in approval flow.

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