Success story

Who is Grow IT Consulting?

We are a Mexican software development company based on Microsoft Business Apps and specialized in Microsoft Dynamics products.

What was the initial problem?

The problem arose that we must necessarily extend our development capabilities.

" It is a responsible company, with a lot of knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics products, and with absolute confidence in their deliveries, meeting the agreed dates."

Wilber Betanzos, co-founder at Grow IT Consulting

What was the solution proposed or implemented by Innova Advanced Consulting?​

Customized software development for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation (Supply Chain Management).

What are the advantages that have been obtained after this implementation?​

Thanks to these improvements, we have optimized resources and extended our delivery capabilities, thereby improving results with our customers.

Why work with Innova Advanced Consulting and how is the day-to-day work in this collaboration?​

We have had a long relationship with Innova to extend our software development capabilities, Innova has experts that we trust and they are reliable with respect to committed delivery dates. They are always open to dialogue and we have found an excellent partner.

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