Webinar Docuten (EN) 15th April 2020

Webinar Docuten (EN) 15th April 2020

Docuten is an easy to use SaaS platform that promotes the digital transformation of the entire business cycle in any SME. Its main objective is to offer digital solutions that increase the productivity and generate a rapid and efficient workflow. With its solution of digital signature, your clientes will be able to send to sign and sign all type of documents in a legal and secure way, complying with the European digital regulations such as elDAS.

The points we are going to deal with are the following:  

  • Innova's introduction
  • Presentation of Docuten
  • Distribution model Docuten to Partners
  • Demo of Docuten
  • Doubts and questions

Webinar presented by Juan Contreras (Innova Advanced Consulting) and some members of Docuten's team

Language: English
Date of the webinar:2020-04-15 16:00:00
We want to forward additional information about this solution, so that your clients may find this necessity covered by their main technological provider. Additionally, if needed, we can schedule any kind of presentation to your clients as a webinar or a demo.
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